Abaco Wild Horse Project Opens Book Shop

The Abaco Wild Horse project has opened a used book shop in Marsh Harbour. "A Buck A Book," accepts donations of books, CD's and video tapes. Visitors can donate three books and get one free. Except for large and hardcover books all are available for a dollar donation each. Donations goes directly to the Abaco Wild Horse project and are used to buy and stockpile medical supplies, pay for DNA work, pay for emergency vet care, pay for educational materials, pay for travel expenses (i.e. Trips to Nassau to address officials).

Hours are erratic, pending finding a volunteer who can keep the door open when Mimi isn’t available. The shop is open when a 'reader' pennant is flown above the door. The pennant is a white nautical swallowtail burgee with the international symbol for a reader on it in green.

Response has been terrific. Book donations are pouring in and we have run out of room within four weeks of opening. We have to move anyway because the building we are in is scheduled for renovation. We’ll let you know as soon as we find a new space.

The shop is providing a great way to meet new friends and to inform people about the horses. Many photos of the horses are on display along with skulls, other bones, and maps.
Canine assistants greet visitors to a Buck a Book

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