Cherokee All Age School Hears About the Horses

In April, 2000, Milanne (Mimi) Rehor, President of Arkwild, Inc., Addressed 16 students at the Cherokee Sound All Age School. The students asked many questions and carried on a lengthy dialogue with Rehor. While Rehor attempted to evade description of some of the more sad stories of the horses, the students had heard about them and insisted on knowing the details. The students also wanted to know why adults would do some of the vicious things to horses that they had heard about. Rehor could only reply that people who commit violent acts either have a great deal of inner rage they can’t cope with, or they have some other severe psychological problem. Rehor pointed out that studies have shown that youngsters who are permitted to see and possibly commit their own violent acts on animals often turn into adults who perpetrate violence on human beings as well as animals.

It was poignant to see so much concern on such young faces. Rehor suggested that the students discuss these issues among themselves and to try to talk about them with adults as well. Rehor suggested that by involving everyone in education about the horses adults as well as children could learn why cruel behavior is inappropriate towards any creature.

The importance of biodiversity and Eco tourism were also discussed.

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