30 Minute Video About Abaco Horses Available
The Abaco Wild Horse video is based on nine hours of footage shot from 1996 to 2000. See the horses running, playing, fighting. Learn about their history and the work that is being done to save them. See the problems that threaten their existence. See how beautiful they are and seewhat makes them so unique. Order here

Editing and rendering spanned nine months. The entire project, from digitizing older analog tapes to clipping, editing, laying out, adding special effects, adding voice over and music, and finally outputting to video tape, was done on a solar powered Macintosh G3 computer located on a sailboat in Marsh Harbour, Abaco.

Milanne Rehor, founder of Arkwild Inc., did all the photography, editing, narrating and final production aboard “ALNILAM,” the 35’ wooden sloop built in 1965 that is Rehor’s home.

Six solar panels, a bank of eight golf cart batteries and a wind generator created enough power to drive the computer, camera, main hard drive and 25 gigabyte production hard drive.
The brand new 25 G hard drive died shortly after the project was completed and transferred to video tape. Only 11 of the 25 needed CD disks to permanently sarchive the project were completed before the crash.


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