a Buck a Book Moves to New Location

The evolution of “a Buck a Book” donation and information center continues at a whirlwind pace. The center will have been in operation a year this coming April, 2001, and the changes are still rushing along. The donation center offers books in return for donations. Sometimes CD’s and video tapes are also available. Most paperbacks are available for a dollar. Photos and photo impression prints of the horses are also available.

In December 2000 our eviction notice became a reality. The situation was looking desperate Marsh Harbour is growing at a terrific rate and small, inexpensive spaces just don’t exist. A friend suggested getting a freight container and suddenly another friend donated a 20” steel container to the cause. Since we’d outgrown our old location, the extra 20 square feet offered a major improvement, along with security and good hurricane protection.

We were invited to place the container next door to Critter Corner Pet Shop. Work began on the container. The inside was cloroxed and painted, the outside patched, the roof tarred and papered. Insulation was applied to the outside and top of the entire container, and painted. Volunteers built the first bookshelves and set up an electrical system. Two other volunteers cut a hole in the roof and installed a skylight which opens to get fresh air when needed. The floor was painted, small rugs put down. A bulkhead was built behind the swinging steel doors and a conventional door was installed, a window with screen was installed in the door. Eventually a ‘picture window’ for the canine crew will be installed at floor level so they can see what’s going on outside.

Friends donated time and vehicles and over the course of several days we made the move.

People began to come even before the books were up on shelves. Book donations continue to come in at a steady pace, in addition to our ‘bring three, get one free’ trade policy. The container has also provided room for office space and our collection of horse skulls and bones. For a month or two at least we have two volunteers who keep the shop open on Tuesdays and Fridays when Rehor goes to the farm to check the horses. Volunteers are always needed.

We will be on the move again sometime in the future. For reasons not made clear, the book shop was suddenly hit with a stiff rent (stiff considering that this is a not for profit operation seeking to benefit the wild horses of Abaco). Money that is being raised for medicines and supplies now has a chunk taken out for rent which was suddenly applied several weeks after we had moved in.

This may work out for the best in the long run, as the shop location is quite a distance from the water front and the cruising people who form about half of our clientele. There are one or two possibilities for far better locations which may open up in the future, and we have been assured of a back up location in case the present situation becomes intolerable.

In the meantime, our portrait of Spica continues to invite everyone in to browse at “a Buck a Book.” Book donations happily accepted, especially childrens’ books.

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