A Buck a Book Moves Again

In May, 200l, "a Buck aBook", the used book shop in Marsh Harbour operated by Arkwild, Inc., to raise money and awareness for the Abaco Wild Horses, took to the road again and was moved to its present location. With the expert help of Albury's Trucking our 20' container was moved to the Abaco Mall where it now resides at the far end of the Mall near Dr. Owen Hanna's Caribbean Veterinary Center.

Dr. Hanna has let us tap into his electrical and water until we can get our own lines. A Sun Mar composting toilet has been donated and we hope to have it operating sometime this December. It presents an ideal solution to the sewage problem on an island where the fresh water supply is frequently only a few feet down from the island's surface. Literature and informationabout this system will be available at the shop.

The new location has many benefits: we're in the heart of Marsh Harbour, across the street from the Post Office, the Chemist Shoppe and the Island Bakery. We are across the Mall from His 'n' Hers jeans where our T-shirts are printed and sold. The land we are on has been prvovided rent free. Once again we owe our survivial to the concerned and caring people of Abaco who are helping Arkwild and the Abaco Wild Horse Fund keep the Wild Horses of Abaco alive until we can get a preserve for them, set up a clinic and actively support their safe reproduction.

A Buck a Book welcomes donations of used paperback books (no romances, please, we're over stocked!) in particular, good children's literature, mysteries, adventure and espionage. We also have available photos and artwork featuring the wild horses and our 30 minute video.


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