Go Shopping! Arkwild, Inc. Joins On Line Mall

Help the Wild Horses of Abaco while you shop. Arkwild, Inc. has formed an on line shopping partnership with iGive.com. A percentage of whatever you buy at the mall is donated to Arkwild, Inc., for the Abaco Wild Horses.Fill your shopping needs and the horses will benefit.

How iGive.com Works

Three Easy Steps

1. Join iGive.com for FREE

2. Shop online at any of the 240+ stores in the Mall at iGive.com. You’ll see all your favorites, including Amazon.com, CDNow, Barnes&Noble, and JCPenney!

3. Arkwild receives a check for up to 25% of each purchase!

If you go to iGive as a referral you can help Arkwild earn bonus points when you and your friends join iGive.com and request that donations be made to Arkwild.

When you Shop at iGive.com up to 25% of your purchase price is given as a donation to Arkwild, Inc. Be a part of the first and largest online network of shoppers, online stores, Web sites, and nonprofit organizations dedicated to turning everyday online shopping into philanthropy.

There are over 240 popular merchants available in the Mall at iGive.com, with new stores added continually. There is never an extra cost to the member or Arkwild.

Shopping through iGive.com is safe and secure. We respect our members' privacy and never sell any personal information. Our members enjoy exceptional prices and special first-time buyer and free shipping offers, exclusive to iGive.com.

After a member makes a purchase, Arkwild, Inc. receives a check from iGive.com for 100% of the donation percentage listed adjacent to each merchant on the site. Members can use the Web site to track the funds they’ve raised, or to see how much their cause has received overall. It's all part of what makes iGive.com the best way yet to shop on the Web, not to mention the best way to show you care.

You'll also receive great discounts, FREE shipping offers, and special savings to add to the great prices you'll find every day through iGive.com. Shop at over 240 generous stores & maybe save on your taxes. Amazon.com, J.Crew, CDNow, JCPenney, Barnes & Noble, Gap, and many more! These stores give up to 25% from every purchase you make to Arkwild, Inc. Many of these contributions can be tax deductible for you.

Your donations remain tax deductible.

All Of Your Online Shopping goes to
Arkwild, Inc. and the Wild Horses of Abaco.


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