Tanker - Pumper Fire Truck Needed
To Keep Horse Preserve Area Safe
A large portion of the area we are hoping to see set aside as a preserve for the horses was burned by forest fires during a three month drought that finally ended in late May.

When the preserve becomes a reality it will be fenced and firewatch towers constructed. We also will have full time guards. But even if fire does not start on the preserve, the area will still be vulnerable to fires that may break out elsewhere. Thus we have added to our wish list the need for at least a small tanker-pumper that would allow us to fight any fires threatening the area.

A fire break will be cut around the preserve, but if winds are strong from the wrong direction this may not be enough. If anyone who reads this has any idea how to obtain donation of appropriate equipment, that is perhaps being retired by a state- side fire department, we'd love to hear from you.


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