Local Emergency Task Force Forms,
Working For Preserve and Problem solving
A local task force has been formed to help expedite problem solving for the wild horses of Abaco. The first meeting was held in late May and members include respresentatives fromt he departments of Agriculture, tourism, heritage, friends of the abaco wildhorse, works, and arkwild. We also have an environmental planner in the ranks, dr. bailey, dvm is a mbmer, and we are awaiting selection of representatives from local government, pending elections.

The group is working to promote formation of the preserve and it is making suggestions for smoother functioning of the horse project. For example the group is wrking out plans for visits to the horses. Since the horses are on the private property of bahama star farms, visitation has to be with the approval of farm management. The task force will set up a formal visitation policy so that the horses can be seen without causing unnecessary stress to them.

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