March 2003 Monthly Report
March was a relatively quiet month, the usual problems being increased lameness due to very damp weather exacerbating the problems of overweight and founder.

Stallion Achernar is being seen more and more frequently near Stallion Mimosa’s band. His breathing is still bad, but he remains fit and shows wounds from fighting.

Filly Bella had some severe gashes on her right hind leg, could have been from wires or metal debris. She also had a piece of pantyhose entangled with a large number of sharp burrs attached to her mane.

Mare Adhara was severely lame in both fores all month. She continues to get more scratches and gashes than any other mare. some of the wounds are bites from her stallion Sirius, who is forcing her to move while she is lame.

Mare Hamal was seen lying down, when she got up she was very lame on both fores (this seems to be chronic). She also seems thinner than usual.

Mare Acamar went lame toward the end of the month, penicillin was administered. According to our observations she has not been lame before. Extremely wet weather may have been part of the problem. Note that the mares that had their hooves trimmed had NO hoof problems.

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