April 2003 Monthly Report
Another relatively quiet month, with only one potentially serious injury which healed. The mare Adhara, still limping, still very ginger on both fores, showed a severe cut across her genital area. The concern was for infection. A salve from Dr. Bailey was applied. Later she showed more cuts on her rump in the same area, this time vertical instead of lateral. It would appear she is scratching on something and despite the wounds has not been deterred from further scratching. By the end of the month she was almost completely healed.

Mare Acamar left hoof abscess finally erupted. Observations during the month indicated that the hoof seems slow growing out. By the end of the month her limp was nearly gone.

Stallion Altair suffered a severe attack of eczema on his face. Two of his fillies had much less serious eruptions. Could not have been sunburn due mostly cloudy days. That leaves either a plant allergy or some chemical. Suspect chemical as no other horses showed any signs.

Stallion Capella appears healthy. Staying near NE of farm.

Stallion Hadar, mare Hamal both looking more filled out. Hamal moving better.

Horse activity in Preserve area much reduced, with only signs of one horse toward end of month. Assume Capella as other horses are tending toward the center and the west edge of the farm .

Stallion Achernar engaging in normal activities, breathing noise somewhat reduced. Many fresh scars from fighting.

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