May 2003 Monthly Report
This is a short report because the highpoint of the month was another successful hoof care clinic. This time we succeeded in working on all the mares. The stallions proved to still be unmanageable under heavy IM sedation. We did trnaquilize one stallion to keep him from defending his mares by attacking the trimmer while his mares were being trimmed.

The mares that were done last December were in the best condition, the others were in very bad shape. But even November’s mares were detriorating. Improvement was shown in the thickness and placement of the white line of each hoof, but not enough to prevent further trouble. It was observed that if the horses are not moved soon they will likely be dead from founder within 6 to 12 months. The outline of the rotating coffin bone could be seen on the sole of one of the mare’s hooves. The trimming is only a stop gap measure until we move the horses. It has kept them alive.

The mares all showed improvement in stance, some immediately, some shortly thereafter. One mare (Adhara) not only had founder (she couldn’t be trimmed in November) but has also suffered a knee injury which sometimes causes lameness. Some days are better than others for her.

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