June 2003 Monthly Report
This is another short report; I was gone for 10 days in June. No major problems have been observed and the mares are all standing well over their fores. However, all the horses continue to remain close to the heart of the farm, stallion Mimosa was seen investigating garbage bins again. A few more abscesses are working out of hooves, these are always ugly but generally the horses limp less once the infection has begun to drain.

Perhaps the most noticeable change in the mares is an INCREASE in obesity. The once fairly definite line curving from withers down along the backs of shoulders has disappeared in all the mares, coveerd by bulges of fat. The stallions remain in somewhat better shape because of their chasing and fighting though the fighting results in gouges, bites and kick impact damage. However even stallion Altair’s hooves are growing out too much because the horses simply are not moving around. The vicious cycle continues, more eating, more fat, less movement. Hot weather also discourages activity.

The fence has been paid for and should arrive before mid July and installation can begin immediately after that. It’s still too early to set a precise date for moving the horses, but hopefully it won’t be too much longer.


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