Run a Piece of the Fence,
You Don't Have to Lift a Finger . . .
During the month of August we'll be running a three strand electric fence to keep the horses in their new reserve area away from all the rich food that has done them so much harm. The fence will keep dogs out too.

As you can see, it's rough country. Rocks, loose shale, poison wood, poison ivy, clinging vines all make cutting a path from tree to tree (our fence posts) a very hard job. And it's all happening at the height of summer. (Yes, there's plenty of grass for the horses, but it just doesn't seem to be where we need to put the fence).

To help offset the costs of equipment (industrial grade weed whacker, chain saws, machetes, gloves) and costs of gallons of cold drinks and sustaining snacks for our volunteers, and to help pay for ongoing maintenance of the
fence line, we're holding a Fence Run. Even if you can't be on the scene,
you can help:


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