January, 2004 Monthly Report
The first month of the New Year has been one of the worst the horses have ever had.

We lost the stallion Altair. After days of apparently gaining strength, after the aggressive stallion Achernar was ousted from the preserve, he finally succumbed. Examination of his mouth showed an irregularly worn tooth on the left side where he had a big scar verticl to the back corner his mouth. seen to be grazing steadily but chewing very slowly in the days before his death.

Jumping ahead, on Feb 6, in a very neatly orchestrated theft, our solar panel and fence charger were stolen. A $200 battery, the charger housing, and solar panel brackets and all the nuts and bolts were left behind. It certainly would appear that the goal was to cripple the fence, not make money.

Because of lack of power in the fence, the outside stallions increased their attempts to get in. One morning, not far from a smashed fence post, Mimosa was found lying in the road exhausted. He had fought and repulsed whichever invader it was, but he was worn out. The post was replaced and the next day, after he had somewhat recovered, he was shooed out of the preserve to recuperate and Sirius was brought in. This resulted in more social readjustments but also several matings (which Mimosa no longer seemed to have the strength to do). A man has been set to guard the horses during daylight hours to keep them away from the fence until the replacement parts arrive.

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