May, 2004 Monthly Report
May saw a lot of progress on the Preserve. Two 20' containers were moved to the site and work has started to make them weather tight. Both roofs were tarred and papered, insulation has been laid down. Side insulation is being installed.

The fence line for half of the acreage set aside for the stallions was completed, enclosed and the mares have explored the area. There is more green fodder available there but the mares don't spend a lot of time in the new area. They continue to range the full, now extended, length of the Preserve. The fires destroyed too much forage and rain still hasn't been heavy enough to encourage real growth of new grasses. The decision was made to release the mares into this area before the stallions so they could have access to the extra food. Work on the rest of the area is continuing and the stallions will be moved in as soon as possible.

The mares have learned to accept bananas from individual buckets and a vitamin supplement has been added. All enjoy the supplement but one, and she's slowly getting used to it. It was decided to further supplement the mares' forage with a high protein high fat supplement which will be started in June.

The mares, while fit and healthy, are a bit too lean to be able to carry foals well and the supplement will enable us to get each mare to optimum weight and maintain it. They will still get their primary nourishment from foraging. When weights are stabilized progesterone levels will be monitored again.

The benefit of the leanness is that any chemicals which resided in fat have likely been removed from their systems. Since they are no longer exposed to an array of chemicals, any future weight gains should be "clean."

In July we hope to begin individual health checks and draw blood samples for further DNA work.

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