August, September 2004 Monthly Report
Due to Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne this report covers August and Sept. 2004.

The horses survived both hurricanes. They continue to gradually gain weight and their hooves continue to improve.

One of the stallions entered the preserve through a gap in the fence caused by fallen trees after Frances. It was the stallion Sirius who had been with the mares for a while in April. We left him in. The mares were calm and there has been no fighting so they seem to be accepting him. Sirius got out during Hurricane Jeanne, but was back in two days after Jeanne stopped blowing. He's the stallion who lost his mare, Adhara, in July 2003. While the other stallions show up occasionally, Sirius has worn a path around the entire Preserve. May his perseverance and cleverness be passed on to many offspring.

Repairs to the fence and removal of fallen trees have been completed yet again and the men are concentrating once more on keeping the trail clear and removing the third line from the fence so the material can be recycled. They are clearing a path and putting fence around a small area in the NW corner of the Preserve that had been an illegal farm plot prior to Frances. Since Frances demolished the farm plot we were advised to encompass the area.

We lost a lot of the external insulation that had been put on the containers because we haven't been able to afford siding to go over the insulation.

In August the final length of the preserve was reached, the trail cut and fence installed for a total length of two miles. We are now waiting for the help of a bull dozer to cut a new trail which will increase the width of the Preserve area by two thirds. The trail will follow existing logging roads wherever possible and will provide a much needed fire break. See below. When this area is completed we will be able to move the stallions into their own section of the Preserve.

As this is posted a third fire (since last December) is threatening the Preserve. Going in Monday, October 4, I saw two columns of smoke near the SE corner of the farm area. On my way out I saw four columns (apparently these fires are being set deliberately) and we may lose yet more fence and forage. Without decent equipment and a clear fire break we are helpless.

Respectfully submitted,

Milanne (Mimi) Rehor

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