November, 2004 Report
November was a quiet month on the Preserve. The mares' weight continues good, hooves are good. All are enjoying the new pasture area. There was some concern that the horses would spend all their time there but there are fresh signs the entire length of the Preserve, even in some very obscure corners, so the horses are getting good exercise. Their time in the new area allows regeneration of grass in the rest of the Preserve.

Despite the mild weather, the horses have grown 'winter' coats with hair much longer than usual. This happens every year about this time. It's probably not a bad thing as the thicker coats protect them from the wet and chill that can accompany cold fronts.

The grain ration has been reduced (due to availability of regular food) the horses were down to about half a pound a day, a mere token. We give more to Spica who is still thin. Sirius the stallion needs to fill out some more too.

The final shipment of fence rope arrived, we are still trying to get a bulldozer to cut the firebreak so we can run fence and bring in the rest of the horses. The sooner we can accomplish this the better as the ground is drying and fires are going to be a major threat again. Just when the Preserve is showing signs of strong grass regeneration.

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