August 2005 Report
August passed quietly on the Preserve after the turbulence of the past few months.

The necropsy report on Deneb states that since there was more fibrosis and emphysema and less inflammation, while COPD is still a possibility "some other type of chronic toxicosis cannot be totally ruled out. The lung does not appear as if it would have responded to any treatments as the fibrosis is so extensive." She didn't have a chance. And likely neither did Spica.

Which leaves us once again wondering what other extensive damage to the horses may have been caused by exposure to chemicals. There is a photo of the late Mare Deneb eating a grey plant killed by herbicides while she was still on the Farm.

The remaining mares are growing plump, the forest is once again lush and filled with birdsong.If we can escape fire again this winter the forest may at last regain a more normal amount of forage. Meanwhile, more samples of forage are being sent for analysis.

Stallion Sirius was put out of the Preserve, but the grasses on the farm have grown horse high making location of Stallion Mimosa difficult, and making it even more difficult to contemplate getting him in with the mares. The tractor is still waiting repairs and so it is not useable to search for him or to help in
the move.

We are still working to raise funds for the long overdue health tests. One grant proposal has been submitted and several more are in process.



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