September 2005 Report
September has managed to flash by with no major disasters.

On September 9, after hours of wrangling in rain and sun and a twisting hike of more than two miles the men got Stallion Mimosa into the Preserve. Mare Alnitak, Mare Acamar's daughter, has been sticking close to him ever since, we hope this is a good sign. He is a magnificent sight, and with the mares well rounded, the green forest full of singing birds and glistening with waterholes, it is a scene of peace and plenty. We are at Go: apparently healthy mares, a proven sire, plenty of food.

Let’s hope something happens without our intervention. The blood work and health checks are still absolutely critical and our first priority is to make sure that the horses can indeed reproduce if we don't see any signs before the checks are done, to make sure that they have adequate nutrition (trace vitamins and minerals if needed) and that there are no more hidden conditions working against them.

We have found a mechanic who will be working with us to get the tractor into good condition. This will enable us to keep the new road open and to run the fence for the stallion area of the Preserve. We are looking towards a lot of activity in the months ahead.

We're also planning an ink cartridge, laser toner and cell phone recycling program, 'cash for trash.' It's very easy to do, with prepaid containers and shipping provided by the recycling company. We'll let you know when it's in place, and the information will also be in the "How to Help" section of this site.



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