October 2005 Report
Despite the passage of Hurricane Wilma just to the West of us, the horses did well through the month of October. We had some damage to trees and are trying to locate our gate sign.

Limited transportation has limited observation of the horses but on Fri. Oct. 29 Achernar and Sirius were both seen on the farm and looked good. Capella and Hadar were not seen.

On the Preserve Mimosa and the mares continue to look fit. Bella seems to have overcome her initial aggression towards Mimosa and is now staying close to him.

An important meeting was held in October at which it was announced that WHOA was to be granted 200 additional acres of land, located on the former citrus farm, to be used as managed pasture for emergency use in the case of fire destroying the forage in the forest as it has done in the past. This is a great step for us and we should no longer have to worry about adequate feed for the horses. This brings the total acreage of the Conservation area to 4000. We were also officially given the two abandoned farm tractors, one to be used for parts. At this time the machines are not readily available but we hope that will change soon.

We are looking forward to an active November with a number of projects moving ahead.


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