December 2005 Report
December was a quiet month on the Preserve. There was no progress on any of our various projects, but the horses continue sleek and healthy looking.

On December 1 Mimosa was limping on his left fore, there was no apparent damage, probably a bruise. Banamine (reduces inflammation) was given via blow pipe. The dart fell away but the needle stayed in. A week later it fell out, a small abscess formed, it too was gone within a week. His limp cleared up in three days.

Bella apparently was kicked in the face resulting in a 'u' shaped cut over her nose. It healed within two weeks.

On the 29th Mimosa found a slightly slack place in the electric fence around the mini pasture (no electricity there) and went to do battle with Stallion Achernar. Fortunately Jean, caretaker and security person, was on hand and after a lengthy struggle got Mimosa back into the Preserve with no injuries to either stallion.

Both Capella and Achernar have been seen recently. But we are concerned, because neither Sirius nor Hadar have been seen for over a month. Without an appropriate vehicle it's not feasible to go looking for them. They may simply have paired off and headed for a new section of forest or farm. We are hoping for the best.

On Friday, December 30, Jean was walking back down the trail after we checked the horses, and three of the mares followed him for quite a distance. Mimosa looked deeply puzzled. He followed along, eventually got the mares off the road and back into the forest. Bellatrix missed the whole thing, having found a nice patch of briar to eat while the others disappeared. She caught up quickly though.

May the New Year bring peace and abundance to all.


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