May, 2006 Report
Dear Friends,

May started out slowly but the pace picked up.

Arnd Bronkhorst, a Dutch photographer who specializes in equine photography, spent three days with our horses in April. The wonderful results of his work can be viewed at <>

Much progress was made in the last week of the month. The tractor is running again, a 12v pump has been rigged to run from its battery so drawing and hauling water will no longer be a time and muscle consuming chore.

The treatment/paddock area for the horses is nearing completion and we will soon be gently introducing the horses to the area so that they will become familiar with it. A portion of the area is made from the Porta Corral sections which they have seen before. As they enter the area they will have a straight view through the area showing no obstructions. As they get used to the area we will introduce some gates for short, then longer periods. A tub is in the corral, which is right across from our well so they will have plenty of water when they are in the corral. On Wednesday, May 31, the herd made a careful pass around the corral area, obviously curious about what was going on . As always, Mare Bellatrix II was the most curious, taking a long look as the men worked.

Mimosa has continued his occasional excursions outside the Preserve. Everyone continues to look fit. The rains have started, bringing a lot of new growth to both the forest and the mini pasture areas.

After seeing no one for several months (and seeing only fresh manure piles on the farm road) Achernar was seen from a distance last Thursday, May 25, and appeared to be fine. The men have also seen him. Now that the tractor is running the top of its sunroof provides a high viewing platform and we'll try to locate the other stallions.

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