July 2006 Report
July was another quiet month on the Preserve. Quiet for the horses, that is. The mares with the two biggest bellies show perhaps an increase in their girths. We can't say anything definitive yet, but surely by the end of August we should know if this is just good summer grazing or something more important.

We will finish fencing the stallion area this week, and then begins the task of clearing the bush from under the fence line, about two and a half miles long. Since the men will be alternating their vacations we will be short handed for a while. The fence line for the first part of the Preserve is getting its regular maintenance and is about half done so that is on the schedule too. When complete, the Preserve will have about seven miles of fence line.

We also hope to complete this week a small wooden tower for our solar panels. This will be placed in the middle of the dogs' pen in hopes that they will act as a deterrent to thieves. You may recall that we've had two solar panels stolen from the fence charging system. We've been given four used 6 v batteries and these have been wired to make two 12 volt batteries. They've been charging slowly, appear to be coming up to voltage and we hope will work to provide some light and possibly fans in our containers.

We have not seen the three stallions who live at large outside the Preserve for two months now. This is cause for concern, of course, but they likely have taken to the forest as the farm is completely bare of trees and shelter from the sun. When their area is completed we'll try to find someone to take us up in a small plane to see if we can spot them from the air and we'll then work them into their part of the Preserve.

Since this is a bit late, we'll note that on August 1, a Buck a Book, our book shop that sells used books, DVD's and VHS tapes in Marsh Harbour, is now totally run by solar power.

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