August 2006 Report
Much work was done on the Preserve during August. The 'Power Tower' was completed so now the solar panels for the electric fence are permanently mounted and locked 10' off the ground in the middle of the dogs' pen. We hope this deters theft as we hope to add to the array to provide more electricity.

A major clean up of the first fence line is nearing completion as we begin to prepare our fire defenses for the winter. Due to a lot of rain we have not been able to start clearing the stallion area.

With all the rain the water levels in the Preserve appear to finally be reaching normal levels, recovering from the six month drought in 2004. The whole area is filled with tiny ponds and damp areas, growth in the mini pastures is lush. The horses have been seen to have two and sometimes three different kinds of forage in one bite.

The health checks have been put on hold. We have no definitive word on pregnancies, but the mares are looking healthy and in order to not risk anything that may be happening they will be left calm and undisturbed for the foreseeable future. It could be several more months before we can be absolutely certain. When we do learn anything we will not make any announcements until we have strong, healthy foals up and running about.

Tropical Storm Ernesto brought only one big squall and more rain to the Preserve area.

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