October 2006 Report
Apologies for the lateness of this October report. We've been waiting for some results from the pregnancy tests but haven't heard anything so far. We note that Mimosa the stallion is filling out, and the mares have no scars on their back from hoof marks. So we continue to wait and wonder.

Mare Nunki has grown a luxurious winter coat, and all the horses' coats are gleaming. They appear to be in tip top condition.

Barb horses, and our Abaco Barbs specifically, finally are receiving more and more recognition. We haven't gotten a publication date yet but a free lance writer has been assigned by Horse Illustrated magazine to do a story on the Abaco Barbs using photos taken by Equine Photographer Arnd Bronkhorst last spring.

A lovely layout is in the current edition of Abaco Life magazine. Bahamas Traveler, a new quarterly, will include a short interview and photos in their premiere issue. The Vaquero Heritage Foundation contains a link to our site, they have some great background information at <http://www.colonialspanishhorse.org> and we have been invited to join the advisory board of the Equus Survival Trust. The Abaco Barbs are listed on their site as critically endangered. See <www.Equus-Survival-Trust.org> under the endangered breed listings, light horses. Email correspondence with them is providing a lot of information about the background of our horses.

We now have an operational solar array at the Preserve capable of providing lights, powering hand tools and in general making the area more comfortable. We are hoping to set a date soon for grading and flattening the fire break road that was cut last year, and for clearing a number of side roads to improve access and help fight fires. We are also looking forward to some guided, hands on practice in the process of setting back fires to halt the advance of forest fires. It looks as though this will be a busy and productive winter.


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