Abaco Barb Photos on Exhibit in Kentucky
Garderen [the Netherlands] June 14th 2006 - Last friday, June 9th, the photo exhibition Equine Elegance at the International Museum of the Horse [USA] was officially openend. Photos for this unique and international exhibition are supplied by the four photographers of www.arnd.nl <http://www.arnd.nl> . These are Arnd Bronkhorst [Netherlands], Charles Mann [USA], Frédéric Chéhu [France] and Jacques Toffi [Germany]. Arnd and Charles both were in Kentucky to attend the opening.

The exhibition 'Equine Elegance' shows the best images of the four photographers. A selection of 65 images shows how four well known equine photographers express their love for the strength, beauty and elegance of the horse in styles that differ greatly.

The International Museum of the Horse is part of the Kentucky Horse Park situated in the USA. It is a main location for American equestrian sports. Many national and international events are organised here. The park will be hosting the 2010 FEI games with 8 simultaneous World championships in the major equestrian sports.

The exhibition runs until October 31st 2006. Photos for publication are available for free upon request. Photos of the exhibition can be viewed through the news item at www.arnd.nl <http://www.arnd.nl> . For more information or photo requests contact Arnd Bronkhorst Photography: tel. +31-577-462929 or email info@arnd.nl.

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