May 2007 Report
Apologies for the lateness of this report. Between a holiday, some stormy weather and a truck breakdown the schedule fell apart.

May was another quiet month for the horses, which is excellent because we are still optimistic about three of the mares. Mimosa was seen making a pass at Acamar, she didn't react at all but her daughter Alnitak marched over and kicked at Mimosa. Alnitak is the one showing two small slim curves like crescent moons on her udder.

Hadar and one of the other stallions were seen off in the distance by one of our men, they were too far for better identification of the white one. The disappearance of banana treats mentioned in the last news letter may also be attributed to wild hogs or to the raccoons that now live in the Preserve. A suggestion that the bananas be placed dangling from cords on poles met with defeat. The men have seen the raccoons shinny up and down ropes with no trouble.

The men continue working to clear the ground under the fence in the new stallion area. It's a tough job, getting everything out by the roots, the only tools they can use are machetes and occasionally weed whackers. But they're chopping away and hopefully by the end of next month we can make some predictions about when we will move the stallions.

The scent of the blossoms of the thatch palms is beginning to fill the air once again and the horses are starting to enjoy them. In the photo below taken last year, Bellatrix II (left) and Mimosa enjoy the bounty.

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