July 2007 Report
July was another very quiet month on the preserve. Much needed rain fell and vegetation along the fence line has been growing so fast the men are working almost full time just keeping it cut back. Thus work on the stallion area has slowed.

We were fortunate to have a brief meeting with newly elected Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham and have submitted a list of our most critical needs for his immediate consideration. Among these needs is approval for our vet to come down for health checks. The continuing puzzle of the mares' reproductive status must be solved soon.

As all this proceeds, we are in a bind with the horse project.

Due to a large downturn in visitors throughout the Bahamas over the winter, we are faced with the need for emergency funding. Our workmen have not been paid in over a month. The men are each paid $220 per week (for eight hour days which include one hour for lunch), with the men alternating weekend duty for which they are paid an additional $22.

The change in government has resulted in many normal channels being shifted around and we are scrambling to try to find emergency funding. If any of you have ideas for fund raisers that you can hold, or if any of you can possibly sign up for one of the many ways to help through our website, now is the time to do it. The Preserve cannot function without the men.

A four year delay in attempting to have our local charity incorporated has resulted in on going loss of government funding which would have helped us at this time. The corporation has been cleared for activation, yet we are facing more delays and do not see any possibility of relief until at least the end of August.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of you who have kept us going this long, and to those of you who will help us over this latest hurdle.
Tax deductible checks can be made out and mailed to:
Arkwild, Inc.
2829 Bird Ave.
Ste. 5, PMB # 170
Miami, FL 33133

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