Octobr, 2007 Report

October has been an amazing month, though the horses drifted through all the outside turmoil with their usual grace and dignity. We are awaiting the arrival of our vet in November and will then have much more news about each horse.

There has been lot of rain, excellent for the replenishment of the fresh water lens under the Preserve, and for keeping water temperatures cool. Not quite cool enough it seems as on Oct. 31- Nov.1 tropical storm Noel swept through the area. The surrounding water was however, cool enough that the storm just went a bit over hurricane strength and winds never exceeded 85 mph.
The horses are fine and there was no damage to the Preserve.

The plight of the horses has come to the attention of a number of humane and environmental organizations in Nassau, and their efforts have in turn aroused the interest of many other people both in the Bahamas and internationally. Several projects are under way to help raise funds for the horses and to clarify some of the difficulties we've had in the background of the project.

For the moment, we are looking toward a very exciting November and a winter season during which the horses and their Preserve finally achieve the recognition they so richly deserve.


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