December 2007 Report

Twice weekly checks on the ‘outside stallions’ continue. In a set of hoof prints perhaps a week old, a small print was again seen next to a large one.

One day I was on a small hill watching Hadar and Achernar. I was very still. I heard something clunk far behind me I turned slowly to look, couldn’t see anything. Could have been a branch dropping, or a tree falling over, or . . . After a while I did another slow turn to look at that edge of the forest again. I saw something white that could have been a face, and possibly a right foreleg, behind some pines. I tried to keep my eyes on it while fumbling for my binoculars and of course by the time I got the binoculars up it had faded away. It was cloudy at the time, and there were NO palm leaves where I was looking. So while I can’t swear to it, I don’t think it was sunlight on some shiny foliage. Also, the whole time I watched Hadar and Achernar they looked a little north, a little south, never west, and mostly east towards the forest behind my back.

An emergency grant from the Lyford Cay Foundation in Nassau has enabled us to make great progress with our fencing. We purchased more line, more tools and most importantly, two 2.5 acre portable paddocks. These will be used to enclose the mini pastures that currently are painstakingly moved each time the horses eat out an area. While the men have devised a system of poles and stakes, these are not sturdy and need frequent replacement. The portables will allow faster work and the pastures will also be hooked directly into the power of the main fence. Alnitak will no longer crawl under the non electric fence line when she feels a pasture is not up to her standards.

With added equipment and easy to install mini pastures, and with at least Achernar and Hadar located, we hope to move ahead with the stallion area and bring at least those two stallions in as the search for Capella and his mystery companion continues.

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