June - July 2008 Report

June and July were quiet months on the Preserve. Enough green areas were left after the fires that the horses had sufficient food. Thanks to much needed rain growth is now so thick that one can hardly tell how bad the fires were unless you look at the trunks of trees and the scorched undergrowth that is rapidly being covered over with new plants.

The horses hardly ever graze in the marshes. Shortly after the fires died, new grass sprang up in the marshes and the horses were quick to enjoy the sprouts before they became too tough.

It’s good to note that the horses have been spending less time in the mini pastures now that the forest growth is regenerating. They spend hours ranging up and down the preserve, snacking on whatever they fancy, including left over fire dried poison wood.

Some hooves were getting a bit overgrown but with the increased travel over the rocky ground of the Preserve most of the horses’ hooves are rounding off nicely. There is s till some work to be done as we wait for clearance for our vet.

The only mating activity noted has been from Nunki, the other three mares have not shown any signs of cycling. Until our vet gets here, we cannot tell if this is a positive sign or not.


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