October 2008 Report

October was a very quiet month on the Preserve, for which we were all grateful. We did not open a new mini pasture until the last week in October. Because of ample rainfall the horses found plenty of forage in the forest. It was good to note that although the horses spent the first days in the pasture enjoying an abundance of fresh greens, they soon went back to their routine of spending some time in the pasture and the rest of the time foraging.

This is the end of the non tourist season and funds are so low that for the foreseeable weeks until visitors begin to come again our two maintenance and security men are receiving no pay. Yet they carry on, nearly the entire five mile fence line path has been cleared again. We note with regret the demise of one of our weed whackers, our printer has died and we are no closer to obtaining the equipment needed to fight fires.

On the brighter side, Mim Rehor, Project Director, has been added to the "International Directory of Equine Behavior Researchers."

A Buck a Book, our used book and DVD rental shop, will be opening soon and we will have two volunteers on hand so we hope that hours will be more regular for the benefit of people living near Marsh Harbour here on Abaco, and for the cruisers who will be coming to the snug harbor. We are expecting a shipment of 140 more DVD’s to add to the already large collection.

Here's Bella in her nest, and getting ready to leave



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