Go Mimosa!

Prior to the break out of the fires, we were moving the horses towards a new mini pastures. They’d been happily foraging in the south of the Preserve and didn’t seem to be in great need of extra forage, but we like to make sure they know the mini pasture is available before they feel the need to look for it.

It was a leisurely walk down the main Preserve road. At one point Mimosa, who was in the lead, suddenly dodged to the left off the road and stopped. He wanted to explore some greens. Jean shouted, "Allez! Allez!" (Go, Go) and for goodness sake, Mimosa turned to the right, went back on the road and continued the walk! Later, as we neared the mini pasture, he must have smelled it because he went to the left again, picked up the fence line trail and went directly to the pasture by the shortest route. It apears that we have bilingual horses.


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