January 2009 Report

Our vet arrived! Dr. Michele Mautino, an internationally known veterinarian specializing in the re-establishment of rare and endangered species including equids, has consulted with our local vet, Dr. Bailey and a plan of action is being drawn up to carry out the health checks for the horses. Dr. Mautino said that visually the horses look perfect. So there is even more of a mystery about why they are not reproducing.

We've competed work to upgrade our double corral system where the horses will be kept while the tests are being carried out. The horses are used to the corrals and walk through them freely so they won't be upset when they are held there for a few hours.

We're overhauling other equipment that will be used to bring in at least two of the outside stallions, Hadar and Achernar. We will, of course, continue to try to locate Capella and the "mystery horse."

More good news is that with the help of a small grant we've been able to purchase our first real water pump. Upgrading two trailers that we have so that they can carry water tanks will mean that we are on our way to having the equipment fight fire with more than a back pack sprayer and buckets. We are hoping to obtain funds for a second pump so that while one trailer is fighting fire the other is being refilled.

If we are successful with other funding we'll be able to purchase a large water storage tank for our base. This will provide water for daily use (instead of the 5 gallon jugs we work out of now) and will also provide fire defense for the base.

Nunki is enjoying her nap in the sun, can you see her smile?


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