March 2009 Report

The horses are shedding slowly and their gleaming spring coats are emerging. Despite the drought there is enough forage in the forest and mini pasture to maintain the horses. They are well adapted to the harsh environment.

More fire threatened the Preserve for several days, but was stopped by a brief rain shower only a few hundred feet short of us. The men stood fire watch for five hours the night it finally died out.

The Water wagon pumping system is working well, we are just waiting for overdue supplies to build two water tanks. Grant money failed to come through for the water carrier trailer, so we will rework an old horse trailer as water carrier. It will be a heavier, more ponderous rig to tow but it will carry water to the pumper. We’re waiting for supplies for that tank as well.

We are going to have to find about $800 to fund the second pump and its accessories, so if any one out there has been hesitating about donating, wondering what we might need and what would help us most, aside from money to continue to pay the men’s wages, we need that pump. Then, at last, we will be able to fight fire with something more than hand held buckets and cups and one back pack sprayer.


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