Goodbye, Bella

Behind Bella's gentle nature she was tough minded too. In a last act of defiance, half in a coma, barely on her feet, she showed the steel will bred into her lineage by smashing through three logs in the side of the corral that sheltered her in her sickness. This behavior is symptomatic of the effects of liver damage, according to Dr. Bailey, but the fact that she gathered the strength to do it is amazing.

She gave no indication of illness except for a slight increase in water intake over the past few weeks of a hot summer. On Saturday morning (August 15), she suddenly appeared listless, had lost weight, had yellowed eyes. By late afternoon she was worse. She was put in a corral on the Preserve with plenty of water and Dr. Derrick Bailey, DVM, began treatment. A workman stayed with her. By morning she was dead. Necropsy indicated massive liver failure and lungs not in good condition, all likely the effects of her early life exposed to the toxic environment of a citrus farm that included herbicides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Please consider making a donation in her memory. Please also consider sending an email to
Prime Minister Ingraham
to express your condolences and to let him know how important the Wild horses of Abaco are to you and the world.


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