Olivia Helps Support the Abaco Horses

Olivia Whitten gets ready to address her entire school in Orlando, Florida

Olivia and her friend Jenny with a big, colorful poster.

Here is the text of Olvia's speech. You can also see her on video at

<http://www.selbyrealestate.net/savewhoa.php> copy and past ths into your browser.

"My name is Olivia Whitten. Thank you for letting me to talk to you today about a beautiful animal that is almost extinct. The Abaco Barb horse. There are only 8 remaining in the herd, once there 277.

I have traveled with my family to the Abaco Bahamas since I was two years old. The Abacos are small islands of the Bahamas.

During Spring Break, I was in the Abacos and met Ms. Mim, a volunteer who has worked for 17 years trying to save the lives of these horses. I was able to walk beside them and you can see the great differences between the Abaco Barbs and domestic horses. They have much larger ears and very different face and nose shapes. If more is not done to preserve this herd, descended from Spain, they will vanish forever.
If you can spare any coins, or even a dollar -

I will present the money to Mim during my upcoming visit to the Abacos.

I will do this on behalf of the students of Good Shepherd Catholic School.

I will be so thankful, and so will the horses!"

Olivia raised over $300 with her presentation


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