Super Cat Goes on Horse Patrol

Kali is a small calico female who was removed from a resturant that didn't appreciate her over friendly presence. She has found a good home at the Presrve where she is in charge of Rodent Control. It seems that that wasn't enough work for her, she now accompanies the men and me when we visit the horses in their mini pastures. It's amazing to watch her speeding through the bush, jumping over logs, and occasionally flopping down to pant.

She can get within about eight feet of the horses, they don't mind her at all. We're all wondering what she is going to want to do next. She does like to sleep on the water wagon. Maybe she'll become a fire fighter.

Seen over Alnitak's rump, Kalie takes a breather after a long jaunt to a mini pasture..

Kali and Bellatrix II acknowledge each other, there is no fear on either side.


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