January 6 Fire Scorches Preserve

We had hoped that there would be enough growth in the forest area to support the mares, but drought has set in and there is only sparse new growth. Acamar is starting to look a bit thin. We found an area relatively free of sage (which can be ingested by accident as it grows up through regular pasture - the horses know better than to deliberately eat it) and would have carefully removed all the sage plants before letting the mares in. Now the men have to start all over again. They’ve been asked to take some time out from preparing yet another pasture to simply cut bundles of tall grass to bring to the mares so they will have some supplement until their pasture is ready.

Various government officials have been notified yet again, that we are constantly having to pay for labor and repairs to damage done to us by illegal squatters. We have requested yet again emergency assistance for damage that the government so far has refused to control.

Below, a small portion of ruined fence.

Wind blasts the flames in the short segment below. This wind drove the fire for over 24 hours.


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