Lydia's Story

Lydia Fell wrote an article about the wild horses that has been published
in her Blog and which is in the Seven Seas Cruising Association News
letter. Here is an excerpt from her article:

If you’re not an animal lover, you may as well skip this particular log entry;
.Just go ahead and exit the site, or move on to the next email, (depending
upon how you receive this) because what I’m about to talk about will only
deeply affect those who have large hearts for God’s creatures. 

--Lydia goes on to describe the history of the horses and closes:

Now, if I were to ask you whether you thought you could afford to spend
$10 a month on eating out, you’d tell me not to be ridiculous.  Of course
you can’t eat out for $10/month.  You can’t even buy lunch for two at
McDonalds for $10.  I’m not even sure that you can buy a 6-pack of Bud
Lite for $10 (you definitely can’t in the Abacos), and I know for an
absolute fact that $10 won’t get you more than two boxes of Cornflakes
anymore.  I’ve thought about this a lot – Skip and I are on a tight budget
out here - and I’ve concluded that in today’s economy, you can’t really
do very much at all for $10/month.  

But you could make an enormous difference for the Abaco Barbs for $10/
month.   If we all did it – if everyone of us who gets this log did it, (which
doesn’t include the non-members who simply log in and read from the site)
we’d have generated $6750 in one month.  In ONE month!!  That amount
of money would go a long way towards catching up the wages for the two
loyal men who stand watch over the 5 (now six) miles of fence around the
horses (constantly weeding around it and repairing it, among other things),
who haven’t had a paycheck since July, but are still working, such is their

I don’t know how you feel about your raison d’etre, but I believe that if I
see an opportunity to make a positive difference in this world, I’m obliged
to take it.   I mean, really – if you are reading this log, I can safely say that
we all agree with that, right?  

So, for $10 every month, I am going to be a part of preserving the oldest,
and most endangered breed of horse on this earth.  I’m going to help
repair the damage that mankind caused these creatures; I’m going to help
stave off their extinction for at least another month.  I’m doing it for the
horses, and I’m doing it for my grandchildren and your grandchildren, and
all their grandchildren, and for the beautiful planet we live on. 

I think that most of us could scratch up $10 each month from the change
under the seats of our cars and our sofas, not to mention what gets left in
our pockets in the laundry hamper.  Would you help me?

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