Pacer Clues Coming In

A number of people have contacted the Fund with information about Pacers in general, and about Narragansett Pacers specifically. We hope to confirm pacing behavior this winter during the research trip which is now planned for an early December departure.

A number of people will be visiting Abaco at that time and will be bringing information, trained eyes and cameras. The Fund hopes to make some really solid progress on the ID program and on finding out whether there are pacers in the herd. If pacers exist, it would be a strong indicator that some of the genes in the herd came from the Narragansetts, and this would point to Loyalist origins.

Someday it would be wonderful to be able to go to Cuba to study the records there. If the records still exist, they might point to clues about the origins of the logging horses that came to Abaco. It's possible that some of the horses from Cuba also carried pacer genes.


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