Damage From January Collision Finally Repaired, Almost

On January 4 , ALNILAM, Rehor's home, office and research vessel, was hit at night by a speeding outboard. She was at anchor and showing the appropriate light. The damage was extensive and precluded any sailing for the entire seven month trip.

After four months of neglect, supportive friends, a highly professional police force and a friend who is also an attorney finally prevailed on the perpetrator to make repairs. This resulted in ALNILAM spending two months tied to a high dock where her company lived like trolls under a bridge during the repairs. During this time Rehor took an active part in the reconstruction, sanding, painting, sewing new awnings, etc.

Repairs were completed just days before departure back to the States. Some major hardware still has to be replaced, but a 'jury rig' is doing the job until the hardware can be found and installed. The return trip aross the Gulf Stream with a crew of one was relatively uneventful.

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