PIGLET Arrives Late, Still Welcome

In May , Rehor was finally able to locate a small, 70 c.c. motorcycle with a top speed of about 45 mph. It has four speeds and an automatic clutch. Made by Jincheng, a mainland Chinese company, the bike was a compromise but a welcome change from the bicycle. The ten inch wheels, while less stable than larger ones, were mag style instead of having spokes. The bike was driven over the same terrain (and worse) than the bicycle,and even survived having the front wheel dropped into a hidden wellhead.

PIGLET carried 50 lb. blocks of salt into the woods, made the 70 mile round trip from Marsh Harbour to the farm and frequently spent six or more hours per day touring the farm and surrounding woods. There were several trips to the repair shop but these may have been caused more by neglect in its former life that by any inherent defects.

Of course an Enduro or Four Trax type bike would be better suited to the terrain, but it was amazing how well PIGLET stood up to a job for which it was never designed. As with the bicycle sometimes there were as many as three or four falls per trip. Since the terrain wouldn't permit speeds of much over five miles per hour in the rough areas, the falls were damagining only to the paint job and Rehor's dignity. PIGLET was left in Marsh Harbour to await the next trip. However, if a buyer can be found, the income might be used for a more appropriate type of motorcycle.

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