Wild Dogs Still Roam Farm

Although the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries had made plans to remove wild dogs from the farm area where the wild horeses tend to congregate, the plan has not yet been carried out. The Departmenmt was notified in March that the mares might start to foal in April and AWHF had asked that the program be carried out prior to this time.

There are more and more 'domestic' dogs on the farm. These animals tend to stay with people, but they are not licensed, spayed or neutered. On one occasion, a pack of five of such dogs were harrassing a group of horses and the 'owner' did nothing to stop them. It is hoped that during future trips the AWHF will be able to see either removal of the dogs or establishment of a dog-free preserve.

This fall a former teacher will be visiting the schools of Abaco with a program about responsible pet ownership. It is hoped that this program will provide the basis for a long term and humane solution to the problem.

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