Can the Horses Be Saved?

According to veterinarians and knowledgeable horse people who have seen photos of the horses, the wild horses of Abaco appear to be in excellent condition.

Fecal samples taken by the government, and analysed by a private veterinarian in Nassau, indicate that the horses are free of parasites. While it cannot yet be proved, it seems apparent that human pressure and intervention may be behind the decline.

It is hoped and has been strongly urged, that a special reserve be set aside for the horses. This area would be kept free of dogs. People would not be allowed in the area unless accompanied by official, knowledgeable guides. A particularly secure area sould be maintained for mares in foal. Emergency veterinarian, or trained technician services would be available.

A specially planted and maintained area would provide them with the diet which has promoted their physical wellbeing to date.

The Abaco Wild Horse Fund, Inc. will continue to do its utmost to promote the rapid establishment of this reserve.

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