Does A Mystery Herd Exist?

During this and a prior research trip a knowledgeable, long time observer of the wild horses has stated that there is another herd of wild horses independent of the farm herd. Two years ago this source said there were 50 horses in the herd. This year he said there were about 55.

Despite repeated attempts, the AWHF was unable to arrange for a guide to the area where the herd is said to be. It apparently is exceptionally rough country and can only be traversed on foot. The presence of wild boar adds to the potential for excitement.

If this herd exists, its presence could account for the occasional disappearnce of the horses that tend to stay around the farm. It could account for the apparently permanent disappearance of so many other horses. The AWHF has been assured that should this herd finally be located by government officials, AWHF will be notified.

While the threats to the herd on the farm need to addressed no matter what, it would be encouraging to know that the situation is not as desperate as it appears to be right now.

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