Veterinarians Provide Information

Thanks to the Dpartment of Agriculture and Fisheries, the horses have been found to be free of parasites. Taking time from their busy schedules two members of the Abaco branch of the Department collected fecal samples and sent them to Nassau. There, Dr. Basil Sands, a veterinarian in private practise, checked the samples and found them free of infestation.

A veterinarian who was visiting Marsh Harbour, Abaco, took the time to look carefully at the AWHFÕs photos and suggested that the horses looked excerptionally healthy. While photos cannot substitute for firsthand inspection, this vet felt that the horses showed no overt signs of deformity or inbreeding based on the photos.

Two skulls, lumbar vetebrae and some hair samples have been brought back to Miami. The AWHF hopes to have them analysed by a local veterinary pathology lab for whatever information can be obtained.

Anyone wishing to see photos of skulls and other skeletal remains, who might be able to provide professional comment please send E-Mail and the AWHF will post them in a special article.

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