Three Big Projects Pending for 99

Paddock: The AWHF has been promised funding for a much needed paddock. The Bahama Star Farm has generously provided a good location for the paddock. The paddock will cover about one third of an acre, and will usually be wide open. However, it will have gates and be available as a holding area for any injured or at risk horses.

It is hoped that this project will begin before the end of '98. Cost for materials will be about $3000. We will need donations of labor, and funds to pay for any heavy equipment needed. The paddock should also eventually be equipped with a windmill, well, water pump and trough since there is no water at the site. The paddock will be located so that people interested in seeing the horses will be able to view the paddock without going on farm property. Thus there will be no interference with farm activity which can be very heavy during harvests.

We do have to find out what the horses would like to eat that they can only find at the paddock. So far they have rejected: sweet feed, carrots, apples, molasses, ripe bananas; are they well fed?

DNA testing: The test tubes for the DNA testingof the herd have arrived. The next step is to raise the $50 per horse that the tests will cost. We also need to cover vet fees which will probably cost about $50 per horse.

Ear Tags: Research has been completed and a company chosen which will provide VHF trransmitting ear tags for each horse. These will cost about $350 to $450 per horse. They will provide monitoring of each horse's location and condition. The transmitters are designed to provide an alert should a horse be injured or killed or be moving in a erratic manner.

It would be ideal to do the DNA testing and ear tag application at the same time; can we raise the funds to do both projects at once?

Please help us provide the horses with a paddock, DNA testing and ear tags. See How to Help


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