Donated Moped Provides Ideal Transportation

In '97 I used a bicycle to keep tabs on the horses. Then I got a small motorcycle. See related articles. Unfortunately, some teenages nearly destroyed the motorcycle and it was not repaired until nearly the end of this year's (‘98) trip. To the rescue came AARK, Abaco Animals Require Kindness. They donated to the AWHF a JAWA moped, which turned out to be an almost ideal vehicle. While not suited for the long haul from Marsh Harbour to Treasure Cay (where the horses are), it was perfect for both farm and forest. If a horse could fit along a forest trail, I knew the moped could too. And at 150 lbs it could, with some effort, be grunted up over rocks and logs, and through the occasional mudflat.
Unlike the motorcycle and bike, on which I could look forward to several tumbles per trip, the moped only went down twice; I really did ask a lot from it. True, there were times when I would have dearly loved to not have to pedal it to start the motor, but it has a two speed automatic transmission, uses hardly any fuel at all. It did have a muffler problem but you can see how I solved that below.

In all, “WeedWhacker” has turned out to be a fine replacement for the mtorocycle. I’m looking forward to many more happy hours ‘in the saddle.’
Muffler design courtesy of Woody, engineer par excellence.

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