Scouts Help Efforts to Establish Preserve

An exciting series of events was set in motion in July, shortly before I left, when I met with commissioners of the Abaco Boy and Girl Scouts. I presented them with the idea of going “joint venture” to seek a preserve not only for the wild horses, but for the scouts. The idea was met with great enthusiasm and I was subsequently abo to take a Scouting rsommisioner from Nassau to the forest area that would be part of the preserve. the local commissioners came as well.

Below are the topics, programs and projects in which the Scouts of Abaco could become active:


-forestry, growth cycles, trips to Little Abaco virgin foest, restoration of the preserve forest to consitions resembling prisitn. Logging, fire science.

-botany, habitats, (shore, upland, coppice) transpets 9growth cycles, specis), re establishing species destroyed by overburning (ie orchids)
biology: birds, horses, hogs, insects, amphibians. Bees and frogs, note that worldwide apmphibians and bees are declining. Is this true for Abaco? Why or why not?

Personals/ community
why the area is valuable, what this value provides to abaco, the Bahamas, the global comminity

History, results of misuse of the area, how it can be reversed.
Camping, survivial, day and night patrols, deal with sun, rain, bugs.
Water purity, conservation
Sanitation, how it works. How deal with garbage
Trail maintenance.
fence maintenance, for reserve and for horse
signs, post and maintain, interpretives at blue hole and on trails
advance survival course fo qualified.
work with Haitian communiy on farm to interrest their children in socutin, help with mainenance of their fences, teach ow to build good fences to keep wildlife out, safely.
personnel need which scouts could fill: assistant biologist, tour guides, assistant wardens.

Projects: well caps?
invovle Hatiian community
add to area data base for biodiversity, coordinate with united nations program
dog control, teachh haitian comomunity andothers aobut human animal care
help maintainhorse data base, ids, paterns of movement, activitgis.

scouts have their own wildernss area to maintin, in which to learn, will learn repsponsibility
copuld eventuall invite other countris; trioops to visit.
tie inwith outward bound
will be providing information that can have world wid impact.
be part of a serious, world class global effot, mot just local camp outs.

concepts which can be instilled
conservation, why and how, environmental awaeness and action
personal repsonsibilty and skilsl, sefl reliance
teamwork and skills, group interaction.

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